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Make A Green Choice

Make A Green ChoiceConserving water, energy and other resources is rewarding for you and great for the environment. It feels good to conserve. Make a Green Choice.

One night can mean significant savings.

Save Water


49.2 Gallons*


49.2 gallons is 787 cups, enough for 1 person to drink 2 cups per day for a year.


Save Electricity


0.19 KWH*


That's enough to run an Energy Star-rated laptop for 10 hours.


Save Natural Gas


25,000 btu*


Enough energy to heat a 400 square foot room at 70°F for 4 hours - when it's 10°F outside.


Save Chemicals


7 oz*


Fewer chemicals equals less toxicity in the environment. And that's good for everyone.



*All amounts estimated based on average guestroom size and materials usage



To reduce our carbon footprint, On the Beach Guesthouse uses environmentally friendly amenities and cleaning agents. Solar geysers and heat pumps are used to provide guests with hot water. Rain tanks under the verandas irrigates our indigenous garden with fresh water. Using fresh seasonal fruits and ingredients makes your breakfast healthy, scrumptious and absolutely delicious.